BOILING IT DOWN: How Scale Affects Your Boiler (and How to Prevent It)

Oct. 16, 2021
VIDEO SERIES: Useful tips and insights on best practices in boiler operations, presented by WARE Inc., in association with the American Boiler Manufacturers Association.

In this series, HPAC Engineering regularly shares the practical insights and handy how-to advice for boiler operation and maintenance best practices, as compiled by the knowledgeable and remarkably prolific content creators at WARE, a family-owned, third-generation, commercial and industrial boiler rental and service firm based in Louisville KY.

This episode focuses on "scale", which can kill a perfectly good boiler. Here, Ritchie Ware talks with Boiler University instructor Jude Wolf about how scale can build up in a boiler and ultimately reduce its life. Not only is that detrimental to the boiler system, but it can also reduce efficiency and cost the operator more money in fuel costs.

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