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On-Demand Webinar: "We've Been Hacked!" Cybersecurity Tips for MEP Engineers

*WATCH* this 1-hour webinar with "security fanatic" Nick Espinosa, who offers urgent advice for how best to protect your business at this perilous time.

Originally broadcast on Thursday, December 2, 2021 and is now available for on-demand viewing.
Duration: 1 hour

As our reliance on technology and remote work has grown exponentially during the pandemic, so too, has our workplace vulnerability to cyber threats from a host of bad actors. This is particularly true of construction and engineering firms, which rely on thousands of files distributed across myriad applications, to employees, subcontractors, and suppliers scattered across numerous job sites.

Operating on razor thin margins, firms like yours simply cannot afford the downtime associated with ransomware, or the cost of paying extortion, often more than once!

Yet the construction industry has seen an explosion of ransomware attacks during the pandemic, with 1 in 6 firms reporting an attack -- 1 every 11 seconds -- according to research from Cybersecurity Ventures and IBM. In 2020, the average ransomware payment was $178,254, up from $84,000 in 2019. But, even more expensive, the average downtime caused by each breach was 15 days, enough to drive the total cost per attack to more than $4 million. No engineering operation of any size can sustain losses like that for long. Which brings us back to our speaker and why this webinar is well worth your time.

In this compelling presentation, "security fanatic" Nick Espinosa, offers urgent advice to help your firm avoid being hit by a ransomware attack this winter and beyond. Learn how to...

  • Deploy Proper Identity Management;
  • Restrict Data Access Across Project Teams;
  • Recognize Ransomware Attacks;
  • Control Damage if or when There is a System Breach

Listen to this exclusive HPAC 'Members Only' Webinar. Afterward, share this timely presentation with colleagues and even family members whom you feel may benefit from this useful online safety primer.

Nick Espinosa
A recent guest on our HPAC 'On The Air' podcast, "security fanatic" Nick Espinosa, is the Mechanical Contractors Association of America's go-to cybersecurity evangelist and a member of the Forbes Technology Council. A sought-after speaker across multiple industries, Nick has recorded multiple TED Talks and is a prolific podcaster and social media thought leader focused 24/7 on business vulnerabilities and how to reduce growing cyber risks, both at work and at home.

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