Air damper jackshaft linkage
A four-page brochure describes how the ZG-JSL linkage facilitates the attachment of select Belimo actuators to an air damper’s jackshaft. The brochure illustrates the operation of the linkage, which features a built-in shaft that allows the direct coupling of actuators, and an anti-rotation plate that allows the installed actuator to be rotated 90 degrees. A comprehensive chart shows all applications for the linkage. The brochure explains how the linkage helps installers save installation time and eliminates difficulties in cases in which the jackshaft bearings are difficult to access. —Belimo

Seismic-rated fans
This 12-page brochure details Greenheck’s expanded line of seismic-rated fans, which have had their performance verified through shake-table testing. The brochure features a chart summarizing the seismic certifications and ratings of more than 20 models. It also includes test protocol descriptions and installation and mounting details. —Greenheck

Ceiling-mount air conditioners
MovinCool offers a four-page brochure that covers the complete features and specifications of its CM Series of self-contained, ceiling-mount air conditioners. The brochure explains how the units’ compact size and high sensible-cooling capabilities make them ideal for applications with high heat loads and limited floor space. —MovinCool

Rooftop inducers
Rooftop inducers featuring a constant-operating-pressure control is the subject of a new brochure from Tjernlund Products. Included in the brochure is application and installation information, as well as an explanation of how the inducers provide draft and exhaust functions for heating systems, fireplaces, and dryers. —Tjernlund Products

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