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Johnson Controls Launches OpenBlue Clean Air

Nov. 12, 2020
Digital integration includes a comprehensive suite of COVID-19 solutions for cleaner air, touchless environments, contact tracing and improved security with thermal cameras.


In development for years, but suited to the ongoing pandemic, Johnson Controls (JCI) has launched OpenBlue – a complete suite of connected solutions and services that will make shared spaces safer, more agile and more sustainable, the company says. 

With OpenBlue, JCI engineers and data scientists aim to create a “blueprint for the future” to guide smart, sustainable buildings. Connectivity is critical to achieve this goal: building systems must work together and communicate to be effective. OpenBlue was designed with agility, flexibility and scalability in mind, to enable buildings to become dynamic spaces. In leveraging the platform, customers will be able to manage operations more systemically, delivering buildings with memory, intelligence and unique identity. The platform infuses the OpenBlue suite of solutions and services with artificial intelligence (AI), combining data from both inside and outside of buildings.

“How we interact with our environments and how buildings and shared spaces are managed for safety and sustainability is top of mind everywhere,” said George Oliver, chairman and CEO of Johnson Controls. “The launch of OpenBlue reflects how we think buildings are evolving from inflexible assets to dynamic resources. As a result, this is a critical element of our business strategy, enabling us to lead customers around the world to the solutions and services required to transform their spaces for the future.”


By combining traditionally separate systems, OpenBlue will connect every part of a building to create new possibilities for smarter, more efficient and sustainable spaces. For example, it enables buildings to switch into different modes to address various critical situations and manage access, air flow, elevator movement, door locks, lighting, etc.

Specific to COVID-19 solutions, OpenBlue will also help customers get back to work as safely and efficiently as possible. These services include contact tracing, social distance monitoring, thermal cameras, clean air, touchless environments, compliance and reporting management, energy optimization, advanced safety monitoring and more.

“Connectivity is the key to making buildings work harder for us,” said Mike Ellis, executive vice president, chief customer and digital officer, Johnson Controls. “We are partnering with a number of leading technology companies and thought leaders in various sectors to roll-out tailored solutions in the coming months.”

On Oct. 14, JCI hosted a webinar: “OpenBlue Clean Air Science and Strategy.” To view the recording and see more information, go to: