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U.S. CAD Launches InsiteEDU for Online Learning of BlueBeam Software

April 12, 2021
Firm unveils new educational platform for Bluebeam users, helping them access continuous learning on-demand.


IRVINE, CA, April 5, 2021 – U.S. CAD, a leading AEC technology and consulting firm, has announced the launch of InsiteEDU. Developed in partnership with 4D Technologies - the developer of CADLearning - InsiteEDU is an online, Bluebeam-focused educational portal that provides 24/7, anytime, anywhere access to continuous, in-depth training content to help maximize employee skill sets while achieving specific firm and project goals.

To succeed in today's competitive construction environment and ever-changing digital landscape, AEC professionals must lean on online learning to help them obtain the skills they need to stay ahead – especially considering the increase in remote working. Here's how the new launch will help:

  • With lnsiteEDU, architects, engineers, contractors, subcontractors, estimators, and other stakeholders have a flexible educational platform for content and tools to set up, track, complete, and measure training activities;
  • Customers can work with Bluebeam Certified Instructors (BCIs) at U.S. CAD to develop custom training content and learning paths for their team's specific needs;
  • Users can learn more in less time using assessment-based learning paths that surface only training content relevant to the skills they need to practice getting the outcomes they seek;
  • Managers can leverage analytics to assess competencies at the individual, project, or organizational level with time-based goals that are reasonable and measurable with burndown charts to keep teams on schedule;
  • For hiring and onboarding, managers can leverage pre-hire assessments to measure skills and knowledge;
  • With the flexibility of a cost-effective subscription-model, teams can easily add new InsiteEDU users at any time.

"U.S. CAD maintains a commitment to providing excellent service to the AEC community across the U.S. For our award-winning Bluebeam division, this means supporting clients with best-in-class training and education for Revu® users of all skill levels," says Ian Cooperrider, Director of Bluebeam, at U.S. CAD. "Our team of Bluebeam Certified Instructors uses their breadth of industry experience and knowledge of Revu to curate a customizable learning platform for all teams leveraging Bluebeam solutions."

Adds Chris Keck, VP of Business Operations for U.S. CAD,  "We know that identifying knowledge gaps and developing training plans is a daunting task, especially in this era of increased remote work and dispersed teams. We developed the ondemand, self-paced, and customizable educational materials in InsiteEDU to ensure that teams can train their Bluebeam Revu users without disrupting workflows."

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