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MILESTONE: Bluon Support Platform Reaches 100,000 Members

March 10, 2022
HVACR innovator's app now used by 1 in 3 of all HVAC techs in U.S., company says. Fast-growing firm will soon add e-commerce functionality, as well.


IRVINE, CA – March 10, 2022 – Bluon, Inc. a rapidly growing company in the HVAC-R space, with a wildly popular support app for HVAC-R technicians, today announced a major milestone for its first-of-its-kind platform. To date, 100,000 technicians have become members on the Bluon support platform, the first mobile app to be self-adopted at scale by HVAC technicians.

Bluon’s support platform, which continues to capture the attention of the booming HVAC-R industry, is a revolutionary mobile app that makes HVAC technicians in the field notably more productive, efficient and capable. More than 30% of all HVAC-R technicians in the U.S. market are now Bluon members, representing the largest aggregation of demand in the $70-billion U.S. HVAC-R market on a single platform.

“This is a pivotal moment in the HVAC-R industry, as technicians have chosen to come together to form a collective voice through Bluon’s platform,” said Danica Bunnett, COO at Bluon. “For the first time, technicians have a support system that truly understands them and their needs, resulting in practical tools and resources that positively impact their lives.”

By making technicians more productive, Bluon is solving the biggest challenge facing the HVAC-R industry, the skilled labor shortage. Ultimately, Bluon enables contractors to complete more jobs every day, creating more revenue for HVAC-R distributors and HVAC-R OEMs industry wide. 

In another industry first, Bluon is set to connect its rapidly growing community of 100,000 member technicians with their specific, local distributors across the country, creating a brand-agnostic and distributor-agnostic e-commerce platform. Technicians will now be able to easily identify and order replacement parts directly on the Bluon mobile app from thousands of brick and mortar HVAC-R distributors across the country, regardless of the equipment manufacturer or needed part.

By using the Bluon platform, technicians save precious hours each and every day as they can now more readily navigate how to diagnose what’s wrong with a specific unit, determine what replacement parts are needed for that unit, and ultimately know where to purchase those parts from their existing distributors.  

About Bluon

Bluon recognizes that HVAC-R techs are the heart and soul of the industry and the ultimate drivers of its efficiency and innovation. Bluon’s support platform is a revolutionary mobile app that offers tools, training and 24/7 tech support to HVAC-R technicians in the field. Bluon is the first mobile app platform to aggregate detailed technical information on more than 300,000 unique HVAC models, further providing technicians with the information they need to be effective and proficient on the job. With more than 300,000 downloads, 100,000 onboarded member technicians (growing by 6,500 each month) and hundreds of distributors already in the Bluon network, it has become the largest and fastest-growing support platform and community in HVAC-R. Fueled by the feedback from its members, Bluon is set to revolutionize the way in which technicians and their local distributors interact, enabling both parties to do more with less. For more information about Bluon, visit