Clark's Remarks

New HPAC eBook: Sustainable Frontiers!

FREE: Download our new compilation of selected 'Clark's Remarks' from 2018. It's been an eventful year, to say the least. Review the projects, products and progress that caught our attention.

As underscored by the urgent findings this fall of the startling new United Nations report on Global Warming -- which basically gave our species until 2030 to get its house in order! -- the editors of HPAC Engineering here seek to provide a handy reference guide to some of our best writing on sustainability issues in the past year.

And what better place to turn than the ever-evolving archives of our most prolific contributor, sustainability expert Larry Clark. Of course, others have covered such compelling green topics for us in 2018, but none have done so more consistently and frequently than he. So, we have gathered these selected highlights here in eBook form.

To download your FREE copy, click here.

A regular contributor to HPAC Engineering and a member of its editorial advisory board, the author is a principal at Sustainable Performance Solutions LLC, a south Florida-based engineering firm focusing on energy and sustainability.



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