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Demand Control Ventilation: When Is It Most Appropriate?

June 5, 2018
Intelligent, demand-based platforms offer proactive ways to prioritize laboratory safety and system performance.

Recruiting the Next Generation of Welders

May 30, 2018
Industry must work to change the public perception of the profession and to eliminate barriers to entry. And women may be a big part of its future.

6 Factors to Consider Before Investing in a High-Pressure Steam Boiler

May 30, 2018
"Total cost." It's best to consider everything when making the long-term commitment to a high-efficiency, low-emissions boiler system for your facility.

One World Record We Didn’t Want to Break

May 16, 2018
This spring, the Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii recorded its first-ever CO2 reading in excess of 410 ppm. Many climate scientists now believe that CO2 levels are at a dangerously...

Move Over Singapore! Iowa State's Cool, Too

April 13, 2018
Using magnetic refrigeration, researchers at Iowa State University also appear to have achieved another breakthrough in cooling technology. Like the system developed in Singapore...

Falling Film Advantage: Big Step for Chiller Performance

Dec. 20, 2017
Thanks to improved heat transfer efficiency, falling film evaporators require a smaller refrigerant charge than a flooded evaporator design.
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Knauf Insulation, Sustainable Minds Partner on Transparency Catalog

Nov. 9, 2017
The catalog is a cloud-based resource that makes it easy and understandable for architects and specifiers to find sustainable products.
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New Coalition Formed to Advance Zero-Energy Buildings in Oregon

Nov. 8, 2017
The Oregon Zero Energy Buildings Coalition is committed to maximizing energy efficiency in all new construction in Oregon by 2030.

The Future of HVAC and the ‘Internet of Things’

Jan. 7, 2015
The “Internet of Things” is the interconnection of components and systems with the Internet.