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ASHRAE to Promote Building Standards in Middle East

June 19, 2024
Society inks deal with 7 Persian Gulf states to standardize more sustainable building practices.


Download: An Engineer's Notebook, 2021-2024

May 24, 2024
The Best of Ken Elovitz, P.E.

Download "Refrigerants Revolution 2024"

Dec. 18, 2023
Our industry's accelerated transition to low-GWP refrigerants is kicking into high gear. Get the latest guidance for staying in compliance.

Construction Materials Prices Finally Fell in May

June 14, 2024
Input prices dipped 0.9% last month, their first decline in 2024. Still, they remain 2.1% above year-ago levels, according to BLS.
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Are We the Meteor? Or the Solution? (We're Both!)

June 11, 2024
CLARK'S REMARKS: A jarring quote reminds us that the heat truly is on for deciding our planet's fate.

Construction Employment Grew in May

June 11, 2024
"Despite perpetual fears of recession," hiring once again out-performed expectations last month and contractor confidence remained strong.



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Johnson Controls-Hitachi Air Conditioning