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'Godot Recession' Still Looms, But Jobs, Projects Rebound

March 11, 2023
*MARKETS REPORT* Long-predicted downturn remains elusive as stubborn economic measures exhibit resilience. Even so, all eyes remain on the Fed.
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Recession Fears Ebb as Optimism Returns

Jan. 24, 2023
*MARKETS REPORT* Rollercoaster year ends with economists, contractors and designers more confident that a steep downturn is not inevitable, after all.
Dodge Construction Network
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Dodge Forecast: Industry Will Walk Tightrope in 2023

Nov. 20, 2022
*MARKETS REPORT* Even as the Fed battles inflation, the U.S. construction industry still has not reversed course. And the chance remains that any true economic recession may yet...
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Market Momentum Still Strong Despite Epic Hurdles

Oct. 21, 2022
MARKETS REPORT: Everything but the kitchen sink has been hurled at our industry, but perseverance still seems to be prevailing. Dive into our latest economic roundup.
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Economy Rolls On As Storm Clouds Roll In

Sept. 17, 2022
*MARKETS REPORT* Even as conflicting measures pile up and recession fears mount, the national project pipeline remains full and workers are still in high demand.
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Recession Fears Stir, But Economy Keeps Rolling

May 19, 2022
Fed turns focus to taming inflation as construction activity heats up for summer. But shortages of workers and materials continue to pose substantial challenges.
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Market Momentum Still Strong, Despite Conflicting Measures

April 22, 2022
Watch out! America's rodeo ride recovery is nothing if not unpredictable. But industry economists remain encouraged by its overriding direction. (Just hold on for dear life.)
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Resurgent Economy Now Adds European War to Growing Concerns

March 14, 2022
Fog of war now clouds pandemic recovery, already beset by record inflation and supply chain woes. But economists urge caution and patience as nations sue for peace.
ABC, Markstein Advisors
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Extreme Data Points Cloud Economic Picture, But Progress Clear

Feb. 14, 2022
Last month's record numbers on both employment and inflation reflected the U.S. economy's uneven but unquestioned rebound from the depths of the pandemic.